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The day before the day before the long run (that’s right 2 days) I had fully prepped my kit: checked, repaired and cleaned the costume/armour, prepped a first aid kit, prepared the clothes: 3 x pairs of trainers, 3 x pairs of socks, 2 x full under garments, prepped both stormtrooper helmets, bought LOTS of food and drink, packed energy bars and updated all social media. It was busy times. I also printed and laminated some posters for social media. I felt fit, I felt ready and I hadn’t touched a drop of alcohol in nearly 2 months.

During this project I asked lots of different companies for help, be it help with kit or simply asking for some charity sponsorship. I must have written 100 emails in 2018 alone, however I only heard back from a few, usually with a 'sorry we get asked a lot and can't really help you'. One of the 2 best emails I received was from Garmin UK. 

The next opportunity to raise some extra charity money was at a Star Wars collectors convention called Echo Live, held in a shopping centre in Redditch. Echo Live is the brain child of Adam Pemberton from the Echo Base Facebook group. This had the potential to be great! Would it be?.....