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 Lad Bible uploaded it to Facebook and without my knowledge or consent this video started to get seen by  hundreds of thousands of people, awesome :)

Star Wars has been a passion of mine since I was a 5 year old. The costumes are iconic, instantly recognisable and appeal across the generations. It was August 2015 when I decided that i’d run again but in order to really earn some sponsorship for Make A Wish I would attempt to run the marathon dressed in full Stormtrooper armour. Big problem number 1, I didn’t own one! 

The 2020 Running Stormtrooper Mileage Tracker

I hope to be able to update this table every week, although that might not always be possible!!

Last updated: 14 Jan 2020

Jan (5 Runs so far: 10, 6, 5, 10 & 4.5 miles)

Thank you for checking in on me and the progress.

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