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So 2017 was an incredible year for the Running Stormtrooper. I thought that would be the end of it, the end of the Make A Star Wars Wish project. I had achieved what I had set out to achieve, I had smashed my target and gone out on a high, plus importantly I stopped it before my friends and family began to tire of my Star Wars alter ego! However...

I then put on the helmet.  So I now can’t bend over, bend my knees much, tie my shoes, scratch my face, go to the toilet, see much, hear much, can’t drink, can’t eat. 

...That's it, done. However the trouble is i said the same thing after the 2016 London Marathon. 2017 was a bit of a special year though, so whilst i'd love to try to top it in 2018, i doubt i'll be able to beat what's happened this year!