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So the 2018 fundraising campaign had started. I had a place on the London Marathon, was planning the 100 Km run and had just developed the Virtual Run Series. You might think that those 3 elements would be enough. Oh no, the Running Stormtrooper had much more to do.

Not long after i announced the 2018 challenge (To Run Again and Why We Need To Spread A Smile) a very talented friend of mine ‘Mark Daniels’ creator of  contacted me asking if i wanted a new logo to compliment #thelaststormtooperrun. Mark’s creations are always fantastic so i leapt at the chance. Just a few days later Mark produced this awesome design...


To ensure that I am able to run 100km in one day in the costume I am going to have to begin running at midnight! My initial intention was to run around Black Park again and pass once more through the gates of Pinewood Studios for the last mile. However, running at midnight in Black Park would be impossible due to a lack of illumination. I needed a new plan!