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During this project I asked lots of different companies for help, be it help with kit or simply asking for some charity sponsorship. I must have written 100 emails in 2018 alone, however I only heard back from a few, usually with a 'sorry we get asked a lot and can't really help you'. One of the 2 best emails I received was from Garmin UK. 

The next opportunity to raise some extra charity money was at a Star Wars collectors convention called Echo Live, held in a shopping centre in Redditch. Echo Live is the brain child of Adam Pemberton from the Echo Base Facebook group. This had the potential to be great! Would it be?.....

It’s been a week since the London Marathon 2018. Wow, what a day that was.

In January 2018 I had applied to try to defend the Guinness World Record which I had achieved last year (Fastest Marathon Dressed as a Star Wars Character - Male), however as the weeks got closer to April the 22nd I realised that this was the last thing I actually wanted to do.