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It’s been a week since the London Marathon 2018. Wow, what a day that was.

In January 2018 I had applied to try to defend the Guinness World Record which I had achieved last year (Fastest Marathon Dressed as a Star Wars Character - Male), however as the weeks got closer to April the 22nd I realised that this was the last thing I actually wanted to do.

So the 2018 fundraising campaign had started. I had a place on the London Marathon, was planning the 100 Km run and had just developed the Virtual Run Series. You might think that those 3 elements would be enough. Oh no, the Running Stormtrooper had much more to do.

Not long after i announced the 2018 challenge (To Run Again and Why We Need To Spread A Smile) a very talented friend of mine ‘Mark Daniels’ creator of  contacted me asking if i wanted a new logo to compliment #thelaststormtooperrun. Mark’s creations are always fantastic so i leapt at the chance. Just a few days later Mark produced this awesome design...