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Trooper Down! 

At the point of writing this blog I haven’t run since October the 4th as I hurt my right foot during the Virtual London Marathon. It started to hurt at the halfway point but I needed to complete it. I wasn’t going to quit but my determination may have come at a cost.

I’ve tried to rest my foot as much as possible, elevated, iced and taken some anti-inflammatories. I’ve got a phone call with the Dr tomorrow. It may be that I need to rest the foot a while longer. It’s quite probable that I won’t reach my mileage plan for October (74 miles still to go) but I will still have November and December to catch up. It’s my first real running injury, so I appreciate that I’ve been very lucky so far. 

You can see in this photo that there is something  going on with my right foot. I don't normally turn it in like that, I believe that this photo was taken at the 19 mile point.

The Costume

It’s really taken some battering this year. As you’ll appreciate, these costumes were never designed for mobility, let alone running. So to have clocked over 700 this year on top of previous runs is impressive. Behind the scenes it is held together with white tape and crossed fingers! Thanks to Ross Ross Walmsley, from RWA creations who has helped me with spares this year, and thanks to Tim Mahoney who has helped behind the scenes with fixing it, both legends. 

Other Problems

Naturally I have had to cancel/abandon so many plans. This year I can’t have a quiz night (OK I might be able to organise a virtual one), Pinewood Studios cinema night is a definite no-no, can’t treadmill run in shopping centres or visit schools and buisnesses. I can’t really approach the superstores to ask them if I can treadmill run on their premises as they’re all understandably a bit preoccupied with Covid19.  

I was looking forward to running on a treadmill at Star Wars Celebration in August (looking to raise over £4000 there alone), however the event was cancelled due to Covid19. 2017 - Star Wars Celebration Orlando Part 2: Celebration!!

My amazing friends at Pinewood Studios have been trying to facilitate something for me, however Covid19 has understandably changed everything for them and it’s just a bit too difficult at the moment to do anything there this year. Things may ease later in the year, however as it stands we have no plans. 


I am not ashamed to sell myself to raise some charity money: I have already appealed to some Facebook groups who have made small donations in return for me running with their Facebook group name on my armour for a day etc. 

If anyone wants me to run with their company logo on my costume for the day (when able to), just offer a nice donation I am looking in to a couple of online quizzes, one for the Star Wars collecting nerds I know and another being a generic ‘pub quiz’. Hopefully I can figure something out. I am taking it a week at a time as it’d difficult to plan at the mo. 


I am delighted to have passed the £11,000 marker for 2020, which when added to my entire Running Stormtrooper collecting total means that over £50,000 has been raised which I’m over the moon with.

Given that so many events have been cancelled in 2020, the charities have really struggled financially, so this fundraising is more important than ever. So thanks once again, the Glass is Half Full 

Given the uncertain times we are living in, I am absolutely overjoyed to have raised as much as has been raised so far.  

There is still so much more to run before the end of the challenge but i’ll do it, even if I have to take a few weeks off!