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There will always be ups and downs, highs and lows. This blog aims to highlight some of the positives to have happened to the Running Stormtrooper Project over the last few months. Fundraising is going well, a personal best achieved and both the BBC and ITV featured Stormy in the same week!

It's been busy that's for sure :)

Challenge Update

My recent running highlights have been: in September when I ran 80 Kms (50 miles) in 1 day to mark the 80th anniversary of The Battle of Britain. I split the distance over 4 legs: 4 x 12.5 miles throughout the day, finishing at just before midnight. That was a long day!

The other highlight was  the Virtual London Marathon on October 4th when I ran 52 laps of a half mile loop at RAF Benson. The weather was terrible that weekend and I wasn’t really looking forward to it. I felt that there would be extra risk to me running along uneven roads and pavements, especially with the significant amounts of standing water. I wanted to run a Stormtrooper Marathon personal best (PB): no hills and roads to cross meant  had a chance of ringing that PB Bell at the end!  

I got my game face on and started the long journey on my own. There were no crowds, no support, just me and the rain. I was absolutely soaked after a mile including my socks but hey, it could have been worse. There were breaks in the awful weather and at some points the sun came out for a moment so it wasn’t all bad. I was waved at by a few people who were passing and the crews from the Thames Valley Air Ambulance but that was it. Not my most memorable London Marathon, but I managed to achieve a personal best Stormtrooper marathon by 4 minutes! That’s 4 minutes faster than my Guinness World Record time!

2017 - The London Marathon and the Guinness World Record Attempt

I had been pushing and pushing for it since the beginning, which may explain why i’m now resting my foot and feeling that I may have made a mistake!

I am now at 762 miles under my Stormtrooper belt this year, therefore I am pretty much on track for the 1000 miles in 2020, however there is a slight issue (see XXXXXX).

2020 - Mileage Tracker

Pride of Britain Awards

I was delighted to find out in early September that I’d been nominated by Make-A-Wish for an ITV Pride of Britain Award - Fundraiser of the Year. I was contacted by ITV Meridian who explained that I’d made it through to the regional finals, and I was in the final 4. An ITV crew visited RAF Benson and did some filming in order to put together a short video to be aired the following week. From Monday to Thursday a video was shown of one of the finalists (I was Tuesday’s). On the Friday a panel would choose the winner who would go through to the televised National Finals. I didn’t win the regional final (and didn’t expect to given the other finalists) however, I was delighted to have been nominated in the first place. It’s been my pleasure to be the Running Stormtrooper and raise as much as I can for the charities. Thank you Make-A-Wish.

Check out the video here: 

Virtual Medal Series Update 

The medals (like in 2018) have proven to be extremely popular and have generated some fantastic fundraising £1750 and rising. The 5km and 100 mile events did sell out for a few months but all are now back in stock. For £14 inc VAT and P&P they are extremely good value for money. When considering that the medal company donate £5 for every event signed up for the cost is astonishing, especially as it’s one of the only flashing LED medal events in existence! 

Sponsorship Thank You

I’d like to thank everyone who has sponsored me this year. Especially in these difficult times, I and both Make-A-Wish and Spread-A-Smile really appreciate every penny donated to both charities. I’d like to pass on my extra special thanks to an anonymous person who left a very generous donation on my charity fundraising page on August the 31st. It may or may not have been a gentleman I met whilst I was running with my ‘1000 miles in 2020 flag’, I had just descended from the Wittenham Clumps in Oxfordshire when the man stopped me and asked a couple of questions then took a photo of my charity details as he said he’d “donate a few pounds later”. Maybe it wasn’t this man, maybe it was someone else. Whoever you are, thank you so much!  If you know whoever it was, please pass on my thanks.  

The Afghanistan Stormtrooper's Summer in Kabul

2020 - Mileage Tracker