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For the first time ever, in April I lived up to the reputation of a typical Stormtrooper and failed to hit my target. It was ok though, as I had 8 months until December to catch up with my lost miles and hit my overall target of 1000 miles. Was I going to wait 8 months? Not on your life! I was determined to get back on track and end May with a mileage surplus rather than deficit! 

Mind over matter, let's smash this before the Afghanistan Summer really hots up! I gave myself May the 1st off but then ran an 8 mile run on the 2nd and a 6 mile run on the 3rd, however it was the 4th that I thought I’d really push myself. May the 4th is known by many throughout the world as ‘Star Wars Day’, May the Fourth be with you. I wanted to run a full marathon but knew that I wouldn’t really have the time during the day, therefore I ran a half marathon in the morning before work and a half marathon after work, completing a full 26.2 miles on May the 4th.

I had run 60 miles by the 11th of May, things were going great. 

On May the 15th I received an email which I’d been hoping for for 2 months! The BBC had finished editing a video which they’d made, and they felt that now was the time to finally air it. I love this video and I’m really grateful to the extra exposure that it’s given the project. 

Today is the 27th of May. I’m delighted to write that tonight I’ve run 6.5 miles in the costume which has given me the awesome running total of 100 miles in May. I’ve reached my target and made up my lost miles in April. Furthermore, I now have a few miles in the bank. Things are back on track and I’m feeling good.

Massively nervous of my June and July targets as it’s just started to get super hot here, so i’ll have to wait and see how things go. But for now: may the Force be with you!

2020 - Missing the Target!

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