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My last Stormtrooper blog was published on February the 1st and my word that feels like it was written in a Galaxy Far Far Away. So much has happened since then, or in others respects only one dominant thing has happened: Corona Virus. How has this affected my challenge? Read On…

I’ve gone back through my Instagram posts to remind me what i’ve been up to, It turns out that i’ve been busy, I shouldn’t have left it so long! In order to keep things fairly concise i’ve written 3 blogs: (This one), Failing to Hit the Target, and May the Force be With You.


Running Target of 73 Miles.

The month of Storm Ciara, Storm Dennis and the Stormtooper! Due to the horrible weather the running conditions were terrible, however I was given a last minute place in the Wokingham Half Marathon on February the 23rd which helped chip away at some miles.

I really took my challenge to the wire as my target for the month was 73 miles, however by the evening of February the 28th I had only run 54.5 miles. Fortunately this year we had a leap year, so I had one more day to run 18.5 miles. This was achieved during a really long and fairly horrific afternoon in my local gym on a treadmill!

Talking of treadmills, an amazing company called Swag Distribution kindly agreed to loan me a top of the range Hammer Fitness treadmill to assist with my fundraising. The plan being to run in costume on this treadmill at a number of shopping centres and conventions in order to raise more fundraising. This is an amazing gesture and I really appreciate Swag Distributions kindness.



Running Target of 70.5 miles. 

March was a month of 2 halves: at the beginning the Stormtrooper was really getting out and about, however you all know what happened to the planet during the latter part of March.

My fundraising was given a great shot in the arm on the 8th of March, as my local Waitrose kindly allowed me to run on my treadmill outside of their store. I managed to run 20 miles and raise £786.57 towards my 2 charities, result. The following day I ran with a local running group and raised a further £112!

There were 2 additional activities which the Stormtrooper got involved with before the lockdown, the first was the Goring 10km run, which I was actually asked to officially start! This was a great race which I managed to get a Running Stormtrooper 10Km PB time of 57.28. The conditions were extremely windy and it was a very hilly run. I put my fast time down to my awesome new Brooks Hyperion Tempo shoes which I’d been kindly gifted my Brooks UK.

The second activity was running with the BBC, more on this in the May catch up.

Post lockdown I was in isolation for 2 weeks prior to flying to Afghanistan with my work. There were a lot of folk putting together online fitness videos, so I did a jokey Stormtrooper one. See here: 

The month was completed with me running a few self isolation/social distant runs, so I managed to once again hit my monthly target. Happy with that.

Read the next blog though to see how April turned out to be a failure from a mileage point of view.

Missing the Target!

May the Force Be With You

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