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So it’s the 1st of February. My first month of 2020 Stormtrooper running is in the bag, and what a month it has been!

You’ll hopefully be aware by now that after a break of 18 months from Stormtrooper Running, I’m back! Back to totally smash it and hopefully raise a load more cash for Make-A-Wish and Spread-A-Smile, 2 wonderful charities which are very close to my heart.

The Challenge

I’ve set myself a rather crazy target of running 1000 miles in the costume between 1st January and 31st December 2020, this will include a few ‘special runs’ but more on that another time. The Rise of Stormtrooper



So How Will I Do It?

This isn’t a straight forward case of dividing 1000 miles by 365, which is 2.739 miles a day by the way. There is no way i’d be able to run in this costume every day. It’s a hassle putting it on each time (more on that later). Plus, running a Stormtrooper Run everyday will definitely tip me over the edge! 

Here are some facts:

On a normal daily run as the Stormtrooper I may average 9min 25sec miles which is 6.4 miles per hour. If I divide 1000 miles by 6.4 hours I learn that this crazy challenge may take me 156hrs and 15 minutes. Hang on a second, thats over 6.5 days!!! But wait, that’s not everything.

Every time I go running it takes me about 20 minutes to get ready. I then need 10 minutes to take it off and a few minutes to clean the plastics. Let’s round it down and say that for every run I need to add 30 minutes of ‘faff time’. This month I ran 10 runs, so let’s say that was 5hrs of ‘faff’! This month I ran 73 miles which is just under 1/13th of the distance required, which means that I may ‘faff’ for a total of 65 hours this year!! That’s over 2.7 days of faffing, oh dear.

So what i’m getting at, is it’s just dawned on me that I could be looking at this challenge taking me over 9.2 days all in!! A fair amount of that time is spent simply faffing! What have I agreed to?

Each month has a pre-chosen mileage target chosen based on my family & work commitments. Some months will be really heavy with miles, others not so much. 

Check out how i'm getting on here: 2020 Mileage Tracker


For January I set myself a target of 73.2 miles. 

The challenge started with a 10 mile run on New Years Day, which was the first time i’d run in the costume in over 18 months. I had forgotten how uncomfortable it was! My challenge had begun though. I was determined to get 10 miles under my belt as that was 1% of the total challenge. I was actually on a family New Years break in Wroxham at New Years, so when I went running I didn’t really know where I was going. I am also pretty much sure that none of the folk who lived there had ever seen a running Stormtrooper! I was joined by a couple of other runners and an older gentleman gave me £5 for my charity pot.


Initially I was having a few issues with the belt getting snagged, it simply didn’t feel right. Over the next couple of weeks I went out for several runs, each time trying to get the costume to fit better. Unfortunately due to the age of the costume it has become a bit more brittle than before and a few parts have broken already. I have managed to make some repairs with some super white tape, and I’m waiting for some spare parts to get posted to me.  



It’s been a month of ups and downs but I’m delighted to say that this morning (January 31st) I ran 9.1 miles which managed to push me just over my target and hit 73.3! Target hit :) 

During this month I’ve run my heart out, I’ve broken my costume and i’ve waved at thousands of cars. Sponsorship has been slow but I was delighted to get a £100 shot in the arm this morning by a lady who had seen me out running, happy with that! 

I appreciate that I’ve only just started and i’m literally miles away from my fundraising target, but I’m determined to get there!

Thanks for keeping an eye on me.

If you haven't done already, or haven't done for a while, please consider sponsoring me to raise money for Make-A-Wish and Spread-A-Smile. All monies raised get split equally between these 2 wonderful children's charities.