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The 2020 Running Stormtrooper Mileage Tracker

I hope to be able to update this table every week, although that might not always be possible!!

Last updated 30th July

JOB DONE FOR JULY!! - 9 x Runs: 3.11 miles, 12.43 miles, 8.08 miles, 9.01 miles, 8.01 miles and 8.16 miles, and 13.1 all at 6000 feet! Plus 13.12 & 10 miles. 

JOB DONE FOR JUNE!! - 9 x Runs! 6 miles, 10.1 miles, 10 miles, 14 miles, 8 miles, 12, 10, 5, and 5 miles all at 6000 feet.

JOB DONE FOR MAY - 10 x Runs!: 8 miles, 6 miles, a Marathon, a Half Marathon, 6.7 miles, 8 miles, 7.5 miles, 10 miles, 8 miles and finally 6.5 miles all at 6000 feet :)


For a whole host of reasons i've not completed my April runs: Mainly because of the job i'm doing in Afghanistan coupled with the fact that it's at 6000 feet and running outside at this altitude is horrific at the best of times, let alone in my armour. I had planned on running here in an air conditioned gym, but the gym is closed due to COVID-19. The 5 runs i've done here have been very tough. I'll get fitter/stronger and carry on in May/June/July but i've got to consider my own health, both physical and mental whilst i'm doing this. Plus, whilst out here my job has to come first and I have a big responsibility.  I had hoped to complete the last 22 miles today in one long but careful push but there were too many things happening at work to allow me to do this. Let's bring on May!!

April Runs: 6 - 13.1 (Not the Reading Half Marathon Run). 7, 10, 13.1 miles, 6 and 5 miles (last 5 at 6000 feet!)

JOB DONE FOR MARCH - 8 x runs: 20 Mile at Waitrose, 5.8 miles with Wallingford Run Club, 4.24 with BBC South, 6.27 with the Goring 10k, 6 Miles on treadmill, 13.12 Social Isolation Run,a 5.1 mile social isolation run and a 10 miler.

JOB DONE FOR FEBRUARY - 7 x Runs: 11 Miles + 10 (2 x 5s) on treadmill during Storm Ciara, + 10 miles on treadmill during Storm Dennis, 10.5, a Half Marathon (PB!) and a horrific 18.5 treadmill run on the 29th, just to hit the target!.

JOB DONE FOR JANUARY!! (10 Runs: 10, 6, 5, 10, 4.5, 10.5, 10, 1, 7.2 & 9.1 miles)


Thank you for checking in on me and the progress.

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