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Not long after i announced the 2018 challenge (To Run Again and Why We Need To Spread A Smile) a very talented friend of mine ‘Mark Daniels’ creator of  contacted me asking if i wanted a new logo to compliment #thelaststormtooperrun. Mark’s creations are always fantastic so i leapt at the chance. Just a few days later Mark produced this awesome design...



I showed off the nice new logo on Instagram and straight away people were suggesting I put it on a T-Shirt or turn it into a finishers medal for a Virtual Run! Oooh a virtual run, what a great idea :) For the final year of The Running Stormtrooper Project, lets get everyone involved!!!

STOP PRESS/POST EDIT 1:  As of April the 29th at least 265 races have been signed up for, thats over £1300 extra charity money which is incredible! Thank you so much. This initiative has been so successful already and it's not even May!!

STOP PRESS/2019 UPDATE: This medal proved to be the most popular medal that the medal company ever produced. They ended up placing a further 3 orders!

In total over 550 races have been signed up for, that's an extra £2,750 in sponsorship!!

STOP PRESS/2019 UPDATE2: As of 24 April 2019 there are still a few 1 mile, 5 miles and 100km medals left. Please note the nice subtle sweatband in Red White & Blue as a nod to the 100th Anniversary of the Royal Air Force, the reason why I opted to attempt 100 Kms.

STOP PRESS/2019 UPDATE3: This running series has completely sold out. A staggering 605 medals were ordered, equating to £3025 in the charity pot.

STOP PRESS/2019 UPDATE4: We are working on a new Running Stormtrooper medal series for 2020, stay tuned!!

So what is a Virtual Run/Race?

A virtual race is one that can be completed at any location or time, meaning you do not have to physically turn up to a race start line. You could complete your virtual race in your lunch break, before work, after dropping the kids off for school, on a treadmill at the gym or you could walk it at the weekend. It doesn’t matter where or when you do it! You simply provide evidence of the run by taking a photo of your running app such as ‘Map my Run’ or ‘Strava’, or a running watch etc. It’s that simple. Oh and it’s for all ages :)

The Last Stormtrooper Virtual Run: Something for Everyone

I have been working closely with a great company called 'My Race' who have really listened to my needs with regards to ensuring mass participation of all levels of runners both novice and established athlete.

I wanted to have 4 different lengths of race however the cost of producing 4 different medal moulds would have been excessive so we have come up with a fantastic idea to ensure each race medal is easily identifiable!  Mark has once again come up trumps and has designed 4 different medal ribbons, each one has a classic ‘Lightsaber’ colour. Individually they will look great, as a set of 4 they will look awesome!!!

The Races

1 Mile - Red Ribbon - The Lightsaber of the Sith 

5 Miles - Green Ribbon - The colour of Luke Skywalker’s Lightsaber in Return of the Jedi

Marathon - Blue Lightsaber - The colour of the Lightsaber owned by Anakin Skywalker and passed on to Luke.

100 Km - Purple Lightsaber - The Lightsaber used by Mace Window in Revenge of the Sith 


The last 2 runs do not be have to run in 1 go! You could spread the 100 Km or run over 4 weeks if you like! The Marathon can be run in 2 goes if need be.

Those with keen eyes may have noticed that the 5 mile run has only got Spread A Smile logos on the inside.  This is because Spread A Smile are celebrating their 5th birthday in April and i thought it fitting to give them something to encourage all of their supporters to get running. ALL money raised will be equally split to both charities.

The medals are truly awesome. Everyone loves them.

The Cost

Rather than pay £35-50+ to enter a mass public event such as a Half Marathon or Marathon, plus the added expensive of fuel, parking, hotels etc you pay one very low fee. 

It costs just £14 to enter each race (A small discount will be offered for entering more than one race), of that fee £5 goes to my chosen charities (Make A Wish & Spread A Smile).  The rest of the money (£9) is absorbed in VAT, medal production, ribbon production, race processing and medal postage. If we have 200 runners thats an extra £1000 charity money and 200 more people adding to their fitness!!  I think this is great value for money. Both charities are delighted

Do more for Charity

As an added bonus, people are encouraged to use their race as an opportunity to raise further charity money for a charity of their choice or maybe even to be added to The Running Stormtrooper Project page

Be Sure to Share on Social Media

Please spread the word about this. Tell your friends.  Use #thelaststormtrooperrun 

Register Now!

Please go to this page to register for your run

My Race also have a great Q&A section here:

The medal company have ordered 200 medals.  I am hopeful that they will need to order more which they will do if required.  If any of the races are 'sold out' they should be available again very soon.  We just didn't know how popular this would be so didn't want to over order!



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