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The Running Stormtrooper Project began in early 2016 as a low profile, one off charity run. Since then the charity running has grown in challenge and success. The fundraising target was initially £2000, however so far over £37,500 has been raised.  

In 2018 I made the decision that it would be the final instalment of the Running Stormtrooper, an end to a wonderful trilogy, however after a break of 18 months I'm back and ready to take it to the next level!!!

Look out 2020, I'm coming to get you!

Why the Stormtrooper?

I run for fun, health and general wellbeing. I am also a huge Star Wars fan/geek/nerd call it what you want :) 

In 2016 I decided to combine these 2 different elements of my life and become the Running Stormtrooper to raise some money for the Make A Wish charity. 

I had no idea that the Running Stormtrooper would still be going after all this time, no idea that a video of me running would have over 2.2 million hits and no idea that my alter ego would be in the 2018 Guinness World Record Annual!


The last few years have been absolutely fantastic. In 2016 £5335 was raised by the Stormtrooper for Make A Wish and in 2017 a staggering £13,376 was further raised PLUS an additional donation of £3000 sent directly to Make-A-Wish by a company after they saw my running endeavours. In 2018 I made the decision to raise money for not 1 but 2 special charities: Make A Wish & Spread A Smile. The reason for me adding Spread a Smile is written in this article: 2018 - Deciding to Run Again and Why We Need To Spread A Smile. In 2018 I managed to raise £14,964.94.

A couple of 2018 highlights 

In 2018 the Running Stormtrooper once again ran the London Marathon on what turned out to be the the Hottest London Marathon on Record!.

However, the main event, the really big one was on May the 17th 2018 when I ran 100Km in the Stormtrooper armour! See the short promo which announced this crazy scheme here.

The 2018 #thelaststormtrooperrun Virtual Run Series

I was also delighted to announce an incredibly exciting way of getting everyone involved in the Running Stormtrooper Project: the Stormtrooper Run - Virtual Run Series! 

After the 2018 challenges I created this very short video: 

That was the Past, this is the Now!

As of December 2019 the Running Stormtrooper has raised over £37,500.

So after a break of 18 months I'm back to truly raise as much money for Spread-A-Smile and Make-A-Wish as possible!! Check out this blog to find out why: The Rise of Stormtrooper

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Running in the Costume

Before the Running Stormtrooper


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