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To ensure that I am able to run 100km in one day in the costume I am going to have to begin running at midnight! My initial intention was to run around Black Park again and pass once more through the gates of Pinewood Studios for the last mile. However, running at midnight in Black Park would be impossible due to a lack of illumination. I needed a new plan!

Pinewood Studios have always been hugely supportive of the Running Stormtrooper, however when I asked them if they’d be able to help for one final time I was nervous of their response. You see I asked them if they would give me permission to run around their complex from midnight until the sun comes up. I’d then run around Black Park as before. After a day of waiting the awesome people from Pinewood replied that they would give me permission! Game on :) 

I then had to choose a date. In 2017 May the 4th worked perfectly for me for the 40 mile run, however I feel that I need more time to recover from the London Marathon before I attempt the 100Km run. The more I push the big run to the right the earlier the sun would come up (bonus), however a negative impact would be the potential of the day being a hot one, yeah even in the UK. I don’t want it to be hot. I have therefore chosen the date of May the 17th.

The planning has now begun. May the seventeenth be with me.

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