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OK, so I can’t dress myself.  Wherever I have gone to run in this costume I always need to ask a stranger to help me. It's not necessarily heavy, maybe an extra 6 Kgs in weight, but it's the fact that you can't move normally. It does look cool though. 

First I put on my full black running suit and an under belt. I then put on the thigh pieces. With these loose around my calves I can then put on my trainers. I then raise the thigh pieces and secure them to my belt. I then have to carefully add the clamshell calf pieces.  Next is the codpiece area with the braces. Then the chest and back piece followed by the outer belt and thermal detonator. From here I need to be squired like a medieval knight. An assistant needs to help with my shoulder pieces as I can't reach. They also then might need to help me straighten the tongues of my trainers and adjust the leg pieces as i'm not able to bend over!. I then slip on the biceps and forearm pieces and gloves. Oh yeah, then put on the helmet.  So I now can’t bend over, bend my knees much, tie my shoes, scratch my face, go to the toilet, see much, hear much, can’t drink, can’t eat.   It cuts and chafes. Without sticky plasters and tape, I tend to get cut after about 4 miles. My running style is completely different. I have to run with short strides as I can’t flex my legs well, even getting up curbs is a challenge.

It’s not a suit designed for fighting or mobility! Maybe that’s why Stormtrooper are known for not shooting well, they can’t see!