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The training was going well and the sponsorship had passed £1000 when I took part in the Reading Half Marathon as the Running Stormtrooper. I remember the day really well, as not only was it a really hot day, it was my birthday. Running the half marathon was a great experience and a real tester for the suit. Lots of other runners were running with their mobile phones, many of whom asked me for a ‘selfie’.  How could I refuse?

The Reading Half Marathon has a fantastic ending; the final part of the run has the participants enter the Madjeski Stadium where there were thousands of people sat in the stadium seating cheering for their friends and loved ones who were running towards the finish. The sound of the crowd as you enter the stadium is electric. It was the best way to finish a race like that.

About 20 meters after the finish line I had a BBC radio news presenter ask me to say a few words about the race which was a bit of fun, but it was the following morning when I realised that something else far funnier would happen.

I hadn’t realised at the time, but one of the ‘selfies’ I referred to earlier was with the ITV Good Morning Britain’s Sports Presenter Sean Fletcher. Sean put the photo on national TV, I was made up. Any opportunity to plug Make A Wish and the sponsorship page was very much appreciated. Thanks Sean.