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As soon as Steve had lent me the costume I began going for a few test runs in it. My general running training was going well. I was running 4 times a week, typically one of which was in the costume so I could get used to the cuts and scrapes, this thing chafes!

One weekend when I was visiting my mother in law, my mobile phone began to go into overdrive with Facebook notifications. To my utter surprise and joy I discovered that whilst I had been running in the costume through my local village someone recorded me on their mobile phone, added some Star Wars music to it and a caption saying ‘When you are late for a meeting with Darth Vader’ and sent it off to the Viral Video giant Lad Bible.

From there Lad Bible uploaded it to Facebook and without my knowledge or consent this video started to get seen by  hundreds of thousands of people. Within about 6 hours it passed 1 million views and 2 million after about 24 hours. 

This fantastic surprise lifted my spirits and really got the Running Stormtrooper and Make A Wish some much needed publicity. Extra sponsorship money started to get donated into my 2016 Just Giving page

Other photos and videos started to get sent to me by people who had spotted me whilst out training, things were going well.