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In March 2016 everything was going great, the training, the costume and more importantly the sponsorship money had reached over £3000 and was pushing £4000.

Not long before the marathon I wrote to Pinewood Studios (arguably the Home of Star Wars) asking if they would allow me to pose for a photo in the costume outside their main gate. I must have had luck with me when I put pen to paper, as to my surprise I received a reply from Pinewood Studios inviting me to come along on the Friday before the marathon and pose for a photo.  I was delighted.

It got better though as when I arrived at Pinewood Studios I was presented with a fantastic sign which they had made for me wishing me good luck from Pinewood Studios and Lucasfilm!! I had received something from personalised from Lucasfilm! For a bit of a Fan Boy nerd this made my day.

Little did i know at this point that this would be the beginning of a great relationship.

The sign has since been framed and is now a proud feature within my house.

The Expo

Prior to taking part in the London Marathon runners need to register at the London Expo, an event which is generally open for 4 days up to the day before the race.

In an effort to raise more sponsorship money I decided to travel to the London Expo from West London through over 30 tube stations in costume and armed with an official collection bucket. This brought plenty of strange looks but was a lot of fun. The Expo was a great success. Some extra money was raised and the Running Stormtrooper got to meet the fabulous Dame Kelly Holmes. 

 2016 - The 2016 London Marathon