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I decided that in order to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Star Wars it would be fitting to run a 40 miler on May the 4th. The trouble is, I would have to organise my own event.  I wanted to finish the event at Pinewood Studios as I thought that would be a fitting finish line.

I then started plotting routes on Map-My-Run.

One of my plans was to start to Greenham Common (filming location for Star Wars The Force Awakens) and run to Pinewood. This route was coincidentally almost exactly 40 miles however I decided against this due to fears of possibly creating a rubbernecking road traffic accident. 

I want to raise money and celebrate Star Wars, not cause an RTA. I ultimately decided that in order to keep the logistics and support simple and to help keep things safe I would ask Pinewood Studios and the rangers from the adjacent vast country park ‘Black Park’  if I would be able to run around Black Park enough to build up 39 miles and end the challenge running through Pinewood Studios. 

Fortunately, everyone I have contacted has been an absolute diamond and this course has been approved. To my delight I was informed by Pinewood Studios that they had received an email from Lucasfilm sending their blessing and best wishes for the charity fundraising. All steam ahead! Now just the difficult part of training my body to get strong enough to put up with this costume for 40 miles!