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I am absolutely over the moon to announce the latest element of The Running Stormtrooper Project: Stay on Target! A new virtual medal event where you can get yourself a supercool medal with a flashing LED as part of the blaster!

The Running Stormtrooper Project began in early 2016 as a low profile, one off charity run. Since then the charity running has grown in challenge and success. The fundraising target was initially £2000, however so far over £37,500 has been raised.  

In 2018 I made the decision that it would be the final instalment of the Running Stormtrooper, an end to a wonderful trilogy, however after a break of 18 months I'm back and ready to take it to the next level!!!

Look out 2020, I'm coming to get you!

Please let me introduce you to The Running Stormtrooper Podcast: An easy listening, advert and patron free fresh podcast aimed at sharing some positivity and hopefully some fun. One of my friends and I have put together this podcast for runners, Star Wars fans or would-be charity fundraisers. It’s a bit niche but it’s something for people to listen to whilst they’re out for a jog, walking the dog or doing some DIY.