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I am absolutely over the moon to announce the latest element of The Running Stormtrooper Project: Stay on Target! A new virtual medal event where you can get yourself a supercool medal with a flashing LED as part of the blaster!

Please let me introduce you to The Running Stormtrooper Podcast: An easy listening, advert and patron free fresh podcast aimed at sharing some positivity and hopefully some fun. One of my friends and I have put together this podcast for runners, Star Wars fans or would-be charity fundraisers. It’s a bit niche but it’s something for people to listen to whilst they’re out for a jog, walking the dog or doing some DIY.

For the first time ever, in April I lived up to the reputation of a typical Stormtrooper and failed to hit my target. It was ok though, as I had 8 months until December to catch up with my lost miles and hit my overall target of 1000 miles. Was I going to wait 8 months? Not on your life! I was determined to get back on track and end May with a mileage surplus rather than deficit!